About the Project

The consequences of COVID19, and the lock-down that ensued, have been and will continue to be significant for the NPA area and beyond. A collective approach across jurisdictions is required to enable sustainable, coherent and co-operative responses. There is a need to understand patterns of spread, to be better prepared for a second wave should it happen. The lock-downs in themselves have had serious repercussions in terms of mental health and well-being, and in terms of society and economy. 

The CoRe project will collate the information and learnings from all the thematic projects: Clinical aspects, Health and well being, Technology solutions, Citizen engagement, Economic impacts and any Emerging themes. The project will contribute to changes sought by the programme by working together at a transnational level to exchange knowledge which will assist in the responses to the virus at local and national levels. Through a flexible and dynamic Management Team consortium this project will develop and utilise the NPA Covid-19 Response Group, support the thematic projects, bring together representation from all NPA partner countries, raise awareness of the thematic work being carried out and create a packaged output of new knowledge. This document will detail all new knowledge obtained through the thematic projects, which will in turn inform our target groups, and the future NPA projects and the new NPA programme.


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