Health and Wellbeing thematic project (B) "Re-MIND" approved

The NPA Programme Secretariat approved the Health and Wellbeing thematic project (B) "Impact from COVID-19 Isolation on Mental Health in NPA Regions" - Re-MIND led by Ulster University, Northern Ireland with six other partners: Skellefteå Municipality, Sweden; Norwegian Institute of Public Health; University of Eastern Finland, Nursing department, Finland; Limerick City and County Council, Ireland; Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health, Faroe Islands and NHS Western Isles, Scotland.

Associated partners in Re-MIND include Institute of Public Health in Ireland; University of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada; Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland and Icelandic Psychological Association.

“The Impact from COVID-19 Isolation on Mental Health in NPA Regions” project Re-MIND will review public health initiatives across the NPA for evidence of good practice and respective monitoring systems to systematically identify practices. Some practices will be generic and others will have been tailored to local needs and will have innovative aspects that can be applied elsewhere.

The thematic areas are interrelated, requiring interdisciplinary solutions and input from academia, health, and technology. There will be considerable benefits for countries and regions in sharing these strategic plans across the NPA.

The Re-MIND project will undertake : (1) a literature review (2) collate strategic plans and policy documents from national and regional public health departments; (3) network with and interview key stakeholder groups and experts across the NPA; and (4) compile a report of their findings. Throughout this process, the project consortium will build up contacts through the NPA COVID19 response group and work with the 'umbrella team'.