NPA Covid-19 Response Umbrella Project" (CoRe) approved

The NPA Programme Secretariat approved the "NPA Covid-19 Response Umbrella Project" (CoRe) led by NHS Highland (Highland Health Board) with two partners: the University of Eastern Finland, Nursing department, and associated partner, University of New England (Maine, USA).


The NPA COVID-19 response Umbrella project will be responsible for collating the information and learnings from all the thematic projects: Clinical aspects, Health and well being, Technology solutions, Citizen engagement, Economic impacts, and Emerging themes.

Through a flexible and dynamic Management Team consortium, the Umbrella project will develop and utilise the NPA Covid-19 response group, support the thematic projects, bring together representation from all NPA partner countries, raise awareness of the thematic work being carried out and create a package of outputs of new knowledge. This document will detail all new knowledge obtained through the thematic projects, which will, in turn, inform target groups, stakeholders, and potentially, future NPA projects and the new NPA programme 2021-2027.