Practical examples from digitally transformed service models in existing organizations / TechSolns Webinar on 18 Nov

Our Nordic welfare models are being challenged in sparsely populated areas with an aging population, declining tax base, and difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff to healthcare and social care.

In order to continue to deliver high quality welfare services and protect our most vulnerable citizens in pandemic, businesses must make greater use of the possibilities that digitalization brings.

In the project Healthcare and Care Through Distance Spanning Solutions we have implemented new distance services in eight regions and 52 municipalities in the Nordics. This has been done, among other things, with the help of the Norwegian implementation tool Roadmap for service innovation.

The chief physician of Akureyri hospital, Sigurður E. Sigurðsson and the operational manager for social services at Akureyri Municipality, Halldór Sigurður Guðmundsson will present a new collaboration structure built around a centre for welfare technology and e-health for digital transformation of service models for municipal care and regional healthcare. Kjetil Løyning, the leader of e-health Agder 2030 (Norway) will talk about the future organization of selfmonitoring and self-care from homes, an initiative that involves both municipal home health care and care in the health sector.

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